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Brian the Writer


Brian McCorkle

I think I'll go offworld.
I want to walk on Mars,
kick the red dust high
and leave a trail of plumes.

I’ll ring surf
off the coast of Saturn
to hop from
moon to moon.

I'll stop to look at iceball Pluto
just to say I did, and
I'll nod at little Charon,
while I'm passing by.

And then I'll be out there
with the dervish motes.
I'll join them in their travel,
something is pulling from somewhere.

The maw of the Great Attracter is near.
I become flatter, thinner, denser
to enter that mouth on edge
and join the all inside.

First Appeared in Ego Trips Number Three (Autumn 2004)
Experimental Literary Journal of the Fox Valley Writers Club (Wisconsin)