Essays Table of Contents

Anita Hill for Supreme Court
When President George W. Bush was in a Supreme Court justice nominating frenzy, I advanced a candidate.
Halftime for Half-Wits
Inspired by the Super Bowl of 2004
Justice and Gender Part One
In spite of legal presumptions, females are murderous
Newborn Homicides
In our land of plenty, the people most at risk from homicides are newborns.
Primary and Secondary Sex Ratios
The bogus claims of feminists about India's sex ratios.
Those Darn F-words
Who decides which words are offensive or coarse or foul?
Toward Religious Taxonomy
I thought it would be a nice project …
Tsunami Politics
News anchors are great at making unfounded allegations but poor with the actual research.
Dangerous Investigators    NEW
Why do some police investigators need to fabricate and embelish?